Program Faculty and Staff

Program Support Staff: Ashleigh Bowers,

The faculty within the School of Politics and Global Studies and the McCain Institute work very closely with graduate students.  The following faculty are associated with the MA in International Affairs and Leadership.

Program director:

Anticipated Affiliated faculty:

Michael C. Polt - Ambassador, Senior Director of Leadership Programs, Professor of Practice

Edward B. O’Donnell - Ambassador, Professor of Practice, Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves

Benjamin Freakley - Lieutenant General, Special Advisor to the President of ASU, Professor of Practice

Matt Rooney - Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Managing Director of the Bush Institute-SMU Economic Growth Initiative

Paul Fagan - Senior Director of Human Rights, Professor of Practice

Nicholas Rasmussen - Senior Director of Counterterrorism and National Security, Former Director of the NCTC, Professor of Practice

Kristen Leanderson Abrams - Senior Director of Combatting Human Trafficking, Professor of Practice

Kurt Volker - Ambassador, Executive Director of the McCain Institute, Professor of Practice

Clint Williamson - Ambassador, Senior Director of International Rule of Law, Governance and Security, Professor of Practice

John Negroponte - Ambassador, former U.S. Deputy Secretary of State, Deputy National Security Advisor, U.S. Director of National Intelligence

Catherine A. Novelli - Former Undersecretary of State, President of Listening For America, former Vice President for Worldwide Government Affairs at Apple Inc.