Learn from world-class faculty with expertise in a variety of security-related fields. You'll benefit from their firsthand experience as well as the academic rigor of challenging, interesting and relevant coursework.

Position yourself to excel with a degree designed for future leaders in this field. With access to the insights of globally-recognized thought leaders, combined with the flexibility of online delivery, this program is ideal for busy professionals whose career aspirations know no bounds.

You can deeply understand the issues that shape the complex contemporary global political environment through firsthand experience and the academic rigor of challenging, interesting and relevant coursework on contemporary issues, taught by world-class faculty from across the spectrum of security-related and foreign policy fields.


Global Security, MA

Learn from a world-class faculty of global thought leaders, seasoned practitioners and scholars from security-related fields. You'll have firsthand experience paired with the academic rigor of challenging, interesting and relevant coursework.

Learn practical, character-driven leadership skills and gain a strong foundation in international affairs and U.S. foreign policy in this program taught by experienced professionals.

Learn to understand how people think about politics, develop political attitudes, process political information and make decisions about political matters.


Political Science, MA

Craft a program that meets your individual interests within subfields of the discipline. Enjoy a low student-to-faculty ratio as you receive a rigorous introduction to graduate study in political science.

Gain a strong foundation in research methods and substantive content for advanced postgraduate study of political science. The very low student-to-faculty ratio provides exceptional opportunities for research collaboration and guidance throughout the program.