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PPS Projected course offerings*

*Future semester course offerings are tentative and subject to change.

Fall 2023

A: PPS 501 Fundamentals of Political Psychology

A: PPS 502 Cognition and Emotion

A: PPS 505 Biopolitics

A: PPS 506 Experimental Design

B: PPS 511 Public Opinion

B: PPS 514 Campaigns and Elections

B: PPS 598 Intro to the Psychology of Polling New

B: PPS 550 Capstone

Spring 2024

A: PPS 501 Fundamentals of Political Psychology

A: PPS 506 Experimental Design

A: PPS 598 Psychology of Foreign Policy New

B: PPS 504 Attitudes and Persuasion

B: PPS 515 Advances in Media Effects

B: PPS 598 Psychology of Fake News and Misinformation New

B: PPS 550 Capstone

Summer 2024

A: PPS 512 Political Polarization

A: PPS 513 Elite Decision Making

B: PPS 598 Political Campaign Management (recommended pre-requisite PPS 514)

C: PPS 550 Capstone

All graduate students must be enrolled in at least one graduate credit in both fall and spring semesters in either A or B sessions (or both). Summer enrollment is optional. Summer A and B courses are more condensed at 6 weeks, as opposed to fall and spring at 7.5 weeks, and offer the same amount of material as fall and spring semesters. Summer C session courses are 8 weeks long.

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