Pi Sigma Alpha

Pi Sigma Alpha

Recognizing the scholarship and excellence of Political Science students. 

Pi Sigma Alpha is a national honor society that recognizes scholarship and excellence for students in Political Science. We prepare students for intellectual and professional leadership in the political arena through individual and collaborative exchanges with peers, faculty, and the community. Pi Sigma Alpha provides opportunities to continue exhibiting excellence through further education and lifelong contributions in the field of political science.

Our mission in Pi Sigma Alpha is to help you succeed in your studies at ASU and expand your opportunities for the future. Though being able to reference Pi Sigma Alpha on your resume is helpful, you will also experience many other benefits of being a member.  The organization brings together students and faculty for both formal and informal occasions: lectures, career workshops, and social get-togethers. Members benefit from relationships with faculty members as well as with their bright and ambitious peers.

For more information regarding the Delta Theta Chapter, Pi Sigma Alpha, please contact the Vice President.

Current officers

All political science majors are welcome to attend Pi Sigma Alpha events. Please contact Dr. Mark Ramirez at mark.ramirez@asu.edu to get on the mailing list for events.

How to get involved

Membership requirements as outlined by the National Pi Sigma Alpha website:

"Membership in Pi Sigma Alpha is open to undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled in programs of political science in institutions where chapters are located.

Undergraduates must meet the following criteria: They must have completed at least one-half the credits required by their institution for the baccalaureate degree; they must have completed at least ten semester-credits (or 15 quarter-credits if their institution is on the quarter system) of work in political science including at least one upper-division course, with an average grade of B or higher in those courses; they must have achieved an overall GPA placing them in the top one-third of their whole class (e.g., junior or senior class). They need not be political science majors to qualify for membership.

Graduate students must have completed 9 graduate credits in political science with no grade lower than a B. Undergraduate coursework does not count towards graduate student eligibility, and graduate students must be pursuing a degree in political science to qualify for membership."

National Pi Sigma Alpha website