Global Studies (SGS 484) Global Experience/Internship

Through your global experience, global studies majors experience in everyday life the global processes about which they learn in the classroom. Students develop critical skills to understand, adapt to, engage in, and contribute to situations that are impacted by global processes. Students gain practical experience by participating in one of the following: 

  1. Academic course work through the Study Abroad Office during the summer, fall, or spring term potentially combined with direct practical experience or field-based training in an internship, volunteer, or service learning program.  Cost: program fees include ASU tuition.
  2. Internship (work experience combined with course work) with vetted providers such as EUSA, CAPA or ISA through the Study Abroad Office/ASU.  Cost: program fees include ASU tuition.
  3. Independent internship with a non-ASU affiliated organization identified by you, the student and as approved by the GS Internship Coordinator.  Cost: varies.
Summer and fall application deadline: March 1st

Spring application deadline: September 1st

SGS 304 Cross-Cultural Awareness Seminar

This one credit seminar starts you toward your international experience as a global citizen, study abroad student, an international volunteer or intern by fostering greater cultural awareness. The course teaches culture-general skills applicable around the world.

Additionally, the seminar helps you understand the process of identifying possible programs, selecting the best option, understanding the application process and learning about available financial assistance.

Preparing for the International Experience enroll in SGS 304

Students are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to take this seminar 1 YEAR PRIOR to going abroad.


This flowchart provides students with a step by step instructions for preparing and completing your SGS 484 Global Experience course.  Note: all GS majors must seek PRIOR APPROVAL on “how to meet the required international experience” (SGS 484) by contacting Dr. Henry Sivak at

Download the SGS 484 Flowchart

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