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*Future semester course offerings are tentative and subject to change.

Fall 2023

A: IAL 501 Principles of Character-Drive Leadership

A: IAL 502 The Making of U.S. National Security Policy

A: IAL 504 U.S. Diplomacy in Action: The Embassy Country Team

B: IAL 503 Applied International Leadership: Case Studies

B: IAL 508 Transatlantic Relations: Does Europe Still Matter?

B: IAL 509 Western Hemisphere: Good Neighbors, Tough Challenges

B: IAL 598 International Negotiations: Trust but Verify

B: IAL 560 Capstone

Spring 2024

A: IAL 501 Principles of Character-Driven Leadership

A: IAL 502 U.S. National Security Policy

A: IAL 511 Human Rights and Realpolitik

A: IAL 598 Religion and Diplomacy

A: IAL 598 The Holocaust and WWII Today

B: IAL 503 Applied International Leadership

B: IAL 598 Diplomacy – Preventing Genocide

B: IAL 560 Capstone

Summer 2024

A: IAL 598 Transitional Justice: Issues and Solutions

B: IAL 598 The Dark Side of Foreign Policy

B: IAL 598 Getting to Yes with Major International Treaties

All graduate students must be enrolled in at least one graduate credit in both fall and spring semesters in either A or B sessions (or both). Summer enrollment is optional. Summer courses are more condensed at 6 weeks, as opposed to fall and spring at 7.5 weeks, and offer the same amount of material as fall and spring semesters.

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