Our Ph.D.s have been accepted to positions at universities such as Dartmouth, Georgia State University, the University of Arkansas, Southern Indiana University, Omaha, Walden, St. Paul College, Benedictine College, Arizona Christian University, and Sabanci University (Turkey).  Two of our recent Ph.D.s are tenured Associate Professors at Utah State. Some have gone on to pursue careers in government, such as working for the Department of Defense.  Other students accepted postdoctoral fellowships at institutions such as the Maxwell School at Syracuse University and Michigan State.  Several of our Ph.D. candidates have earned dissertation awards, including those from the National Science Foundation.

We make every effort to keep the information on this page current. However, if you are a graduate of our PhD program and your information is not up-to-date, please contact Jenna.Roelle@asu.edu

Name Graduation Year Current Position Current Institution
Peyman Asadzade 2022 Postdoctoral Research Fellow Harvard University
Chirasree Mukherjee 2022 ASIANetwork-Luce Foundation Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow/Visiting Assistant Professor Knox College
Pablo Ortega Poveda 2022 Visiting Assistant Professor College of the Holy Cross
Angguntari Ceria Sari 2022 Lecturer Parahyangan University
Haroon Atcha 2022 Data Scientist US Foods
Matthew Dempsey 2020 Lecturer Arizona State University
Holly Williamson 2019 Faculty Associate Arizona State University
Christopher Davis 2019 Faculty Associate Arizona State University
Alicia Ellis 2019 Lecturer Arizona State University
Shaio Zerba 2019 Director and Instructional Assistant Professor of Intelligence Univ of Mississippi, Center for Intelligence and Security Studies
AJ Simmons 2018 Research Director Institute for Legal, Legislative and Policy Studies at Univ of Illinois Springfield
Seyedbabak Rezaeedaryakenari 2018 Assistant Professor Leiden University, the Netherlands
Joshua Thompson 2018 Faculty Associate & Manager of ASU Technology Studios Arizona State University
Valery Dzutsati 2017 Postdoctoral Scholar Arizona State University
Paul Lohse 2017 Faculty Associate Arizona State University
Eyal Bar 2016 Faculty Associate Arizona State University
Erik Bumgardner 2016 Senior Scientist Fors Marsh Group
Jean Crissien 2015 Professor of Government Mountain View College, Dallas County Community Colleges
Scott Swagerty 2015 Methodologist Arizona Auditor General's Office
Amanda Wintersieck 2015 Assistant Professor Virginia Commonwealth University
Jill Carle 2014 Senior Study Director Westat
Zhipei Chi 2014 Assistant Research Fellow Central University of Finance & Economics, Beijing
Shannon Conley 2014 Assistant Professor James Madison University
Peter Hickman 2014 Defense Fellow Office of Rep. Don Bacon
Emily Molfino 2014 Special Assistant and Product Owner for Emerging Products  U.S. Census Bureau
Daniel Pout 2014 Instructor Arizona State University
Christopher Hale 2013 Associate Professor University of Alabama
David Muchlinski 2013 Assistant Professor Sam Nunn School of International Affairs, Georgia Tech University
John Parsi 2013 Visiting Assistant Professor UNL College of Law
Alexander Arifianto 2012 Research Fellow Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Jessica Auchter 2012 UC Foundation Assistant Professor University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Stefan Borg 2012 Assistant Professor Swedish Defence University
Leonard Figueroa Helland 2012 Associate Professor of Environmental Policy & Sustainability Management The New School Milano
Kil Joo Ban 2011 Research Fellow Center for International Studies, Inha University  
Tracy Munsil 2011 Chair & Associate Professor Department of Government, History & Philosophy, Arizona Christian University
Phillip Hardy 2010 Associate Professor Department of Political Science, Benedictine University
Sean Hays 2010 SOC Analyst American Express Global Business Travel
Rafael Jimeno 2010 Teacher   Los Angeles Unified School District
Nicholoas Larowe 2010 Associate Professor University of Southern Indiana
Halit Tagma 2010 Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator Northern Arizona University
Elizabeth Wheatley Hartman 2010 Fellow Interactivity Foundation & Center for Peace and Global Citizenship at Haverford College
James Andresen 2009 Instructor St. Paul College, Minnesota
Michael Jensen 2009 Senior Researcher START, University of Maryland
Matthew Jette 2009 Teacher at BASIS, Scottsdale; Executive Director of American Cancer Society; Faculty at Grand Canyon University  
Wei Liu 2009   Renmin University, College of Commerce
Christopher Lundry 2009   El Colegio de Mexico
Sarah Gershon 2008 Associate Professor Georgia State University
Ramazan Kilinc 2008 Associate Professor University of Nebraska, Omaha
Maria Ortuoste 2008 Associate Professor California State University, East Bay
Charles Ripley 2008 Senior Research Fellow
Faculty Associate
Council on Hemispheric Affairs
Arizona State University
Timothy Ruback 2008 Lecturer & Director, Maine Model UN Program University of Southern Maine
Karen Shafer 2008 Faculty Walden University
Kai He 2007 Professor Griffith University, Australia
Beatrice Buchegger 2006   Private Sector, Austria
Jeffery Zavadil 2006 Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor US Department of State
Huiyun Feng 2005 Tenured Senior Lecturer Griffith University, Australia
Mily Ming-Tzu Kao 2005 Adjunct Professor
Faculty Associate
Mesa Community College
Arizona State University
Gina Woodall 2005 Senior Lecturer & Internship Coordinator Arizona State University
Stefan Andreasson 2003 Tenured Senior Lecturer & Fellow Queen's University Belfast, UK
Lisa Centeno 2003 Professor Adams State University, Colorado
See Seng Tan 1999 Professor of International Relations Nanyang Technological University, Singapore