Our Mission Statement

We are a leading school in one of the largest public research universities in the world. Our cutting-edge interdisciplinary research addresses challenges, and generates knowledge about governance, cooperation, and conflict. We inspire action and solutions about social, political, and economic issues facing Arizona, the United States, and the world.

Dedicated to ASU’s pursuit of inclusive excellence, we teach at scale, cultivate leaders, hone critical thinking and analytical skills. We empower students from diverse backgrounds to realize their professional dreams. Socially embedded in a fast-growing cosmopolitan city, we explore the connections between the global and local to produce and disseminate knowledge in pursuit of a sustainable and secure future for all.  

SPGS students graduate


Our priorities and goals.   

We are passionate about research. 

  • We embrace interdisciplinary research through our Identity, Democracy, and Security labs and the Center for Latina/os and American Politics Research and the Future Security Initiative. 
  • We perform impactful research with a focus on its holistic public value.  
  • We incentivize collaborative scholarship and team science.  
  • We investigate issues vital to policymaking and communities, both locally and across the globe. 

 Students are at the heart of what we do.   

  • We prize learning approaches to ensure high retention and graduation rates among students.  
  • We are conscious of challenges facing students from diverse backgrounds. 
  • We treat our students as future colleagues, guide them to life-transforming pathways, and help them make informed career decisions.  
  • We provide rewarding experiential learning and high-impact practices and engage in research collaborations with students.   

We nurture inclusive excellence.  

  • We foster a sense of community and belonging.  
  • We create a culture of excellence. 
  • We empower staff, students, and faculty to realize their goals. 
  • We are committed to developing a coherent collective identity transcending disciplinary boundaries. 

We value our communities.  

  • We place public service at the core of what we study and do.  
  • We connect with community partners, learn from their experiences, and share and apply knowledge.  
  • We welcome alumni back home to foster vibrant communities across generations.  
  • We engage the public and support democratic practices. 

We peak jump.  

  • We pursue ground-breaking research and novel approaches to teaching.  
  • We showcase innovative collaborations with our centers and initiatives.  
  • We leverage evolving technologies.  
  • We cultivate imagination and inspire transformative leaders.