Accelerated Master's in Global Security and Global Security (Cybersecurity)

Students accepted into the Accelerated Master's program may apply up to 6 credits of 400-level coursework and 6 credits of 500-level coursework as “shared” courses, allowing the student to complete both degrees more quickly.

These degrees are designed to meet the needs of students pursuing careers in a variety of areas. Students completing the Accelerated Master's program are well-prepared for a rapidly expanding security-related field.  The MA in Global Security program is based on four key pillars: enabling innovative strategic thinking; developing analytic tools; supporting critical interdisciplinary engagement; and encouraging flexible and resilient approaches to the inherently complex challenges of current and future global security.  The Cybersecurity concentration additionally focuses on the complex relationship between cybersecurity and global politics.

In both programs, students learn from top faculty, including global thought leaders, seasoned scholars, and skilled practitioners. Students learn from top faculty, including global thought leaders, seasoned scholars, and skilled practitioners. Classes integrate case studies, policy exercises and critical thinking, to prepare students for career advancement.

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SPGS grad programs overview


To be eligible for admission to the MA in Global Security or MA in Global Security (Cybersecurity) Accelerated Master's program, a student must:

  • be a declared, online student in the Political Science BA or BS program or the Global Studies BA program
  • have earned at least 75 hours toward the undergraduate degree at the time of application; 90 hours are needed to begin taking graduate courses
  • have completed (or be in the process of completing at the time of application) an online, 3-credit, 400-level POS or SGS course. Internship credits, independent study, and Junior Fellow courses are not eligible.
  • have completed (or be in the process of completing at the time of application) POS 301 or SGS 305, Empirical Political Inquiry
  • have a minimum 3.6 cumulative GPA at the time of application (cumulative GPA earned at ASU, excluding transfer credits.)
  • be on track to graduate with the undergraduate degree within two semesters after being accepted into the program (one calendar year after the acceptance date)
  • complete an application packet and submit all materials by the May 15th deadline.

Students who do not meet these criteria may still apply the M.A. in Global Security programs via ASU Graduate Admissions, pending graduation with a BA or BS degree.  Summer, fall, and spring admission terms are available.

Application Process

The application deadline is May 15th of the year prior to participation (typically, this will be in the spring of the student’s junior year). Please contact Leah Legg, Graduate Coordinator, with any questions.

Applicants will be notified by email by June 15th of their admission status. Admitted students must submit the online Graduate College application by October 1st and pay the application fee.

Electronic application packet should be sent in one email to Leah Legg, and include four attached PDF documents no later than May 15:

  1. Cover page. Please include:
    1. Name and ASU email address
    2. Declared BA/BS degree and major/minor (applicants for this Accelerated Master's program must be online undergraduate majors)
    3. Cumulative GPA
    4. POS/SGS courses taken and grades for each course (please include table or bullets for this information)
    5. Anticipated date of graduation with Bachelor’s degree
  2. Copy of unofficial transcript
  3. Personal statement (2-3 pages) describing why you are interested in the Accelerated Master's program.
  4. A CV or resume

A letter of recommendation form from an SPGS faculty member is additionally required.  This faculty member should complete the online letter of recommendation template and email the recommendation directly to the Graduate Coordinator (Leah Legg).  Please direct letter writer to use template provided.

The letter of recommendation form should be received by May 15th. Recommender may also attach an additional letter, but it is not required. Please include applicant’s name and “Accelerated Master's LOR” in the subject line.