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Graduate Admissions new student checklist

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Provisionally admitted students:

Students who have been offered a “provisional admission” to the program must fulfill certain requirements in order to remain in the program.  If the provisions are not met in the established timeframe, the student will be dismissed from the program automatically by the ASU Graduate College.  Students can view the conditions of their admission on the MyASU page.

Academic resources

Submitting the Plan of Study (IPOS):                

After the first semester in the program is completed, student should submit an IPOS (Plan of Study) through the MyASU page (“My Programs”) section.  The IPOS details the courses the student will take to complete the degree.  The IPOS can be changed if course selections change in the future.  An IPOS must be submitted, reviewed by the unit and faculty, and approved no later than halfway through the program.

The MA in global security requires 30 credits.

GSC 501 and GSC 550 must be included on the IPOS.

GSC electives or other approved electives will comprise the remainder of the 30 credits.

GSC 501 should be taken in the first semester of the program.

GSC 550 should be taken in the last semester of the program.

How to complete the IPOS in the Mags program

Faculty committee on the IPOS:

Please add:  Jeffrey Kubiak and Daniel Rothenberg

Once submitted, your IPOS will be reviewed by the Graduate Coordinator and faculty director.  If changes need to be made, your IPOS will be returned to you for revisions.  Please be sure to review the course schedule and projected future course offerings to select courses.

The IPOS can be edited and changed if your course selections change over time.  If a change in registration occurs, a flag will appear on the MyASU page indicating that an IPOS change is required.  Please see the “My Programs” tab on your MyASU page for more information.

GSC projected course offerings

501 (“A” session only)
550 (“B” session only)
598-will vary.
501 (“A” session only)
550 (“B” session only)
598-will vary
501 (“A” session only)
550 (Summer 550 will take place over “C” session)

Academic Progress:

Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA in all GPA’s (IPOS GPA, Overall Graduate GPA, and Cumulative GPA).


Student who fall below a 3.0 in any of these three areas may be placed on academic probation or dismissed from the program.  Students should contact the academic advisor and program faculty if any of the GPA’s fall below a 3.0 in a given semester and develop a plan to improve academic performance.

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ASU Academic Calendar:

Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the deadlines in the ASU Academic Calendar.  Please specifically be aware of add/drop deadlines.

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