Projected Course Offerings

MA in global security, projected future course offerings:

Please see ASU Class Search for most current version of course offerings.

3-credit GSC 598 courses are approved program electives. These courses are being offered for the first time as "GSC 598" and will likely be offered again.

Fall semesters:

GSC 501:  War, Conflict and Security*

GSC 503:  Future of War

GSC 504:  Understanding Conflict and War

GSC 505:  Law of War

GSC 509:  Emerging Technologies and Global Security

GSC 550:  Capstone**

Spring semesters:

GSC 501:  War, Conflict and Security*

GSC 506:  U.S. Politics of Security

GSC 507:  Global Politics of Security

GSC 510:  Governance in Post-Conflict/Transitional Contexts

GSC 511:  Terrorism and Insurgency

GSC 550:  Capstone**

Summer semesters:

GSC 502:  Security Studies

GSC 508: Comparative Studies of Conflict

GSC 512:  Global Trends

GSC 550:  Capstone**

Enrollment recommendation is between 1-4 courses per semester.  (9 credits is considered full-time graduate enrollment).


GSC 501 *- Required course to be taken in the first semester

GSC 550 **-Required culminating experience course to be taken in the final semester


Students should contact Graduate Coordinator for approval to include any courses outside GSC on the Program of Study.