To be accepted as a student at The School of Politics and Global Studies, you must first apply to Arizona State University.

Studies departments into its own, unique School. The School focuses on both foreign and domestic politics and issues and allows students to explore both fields through its majors, minors, and certificates. We invite you to look further into our programs and see exactly how much our School has to offer at both the undergraduate and graduate levels

Important thematic areas reflected in faculty research and teaching include:

  • violence, conflict, and human rights
  • urban, economic development, migration, and environmental issues
  • campaigns and elections
  • and women, minorities, and politics

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Requirements and deadlines

The admission requirements and application deadlines for our undergraduate degree programs in the School of Politics and Global Studies may vary for incoming freshmen, transfer students and international students. We encourage you to read your program details carefully and speak with an advisor for further assistance.

Browse ASU’s admission websites for additional information on prerequisites, requirements and deadlines for your specific needs: