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The School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University welcomes transfer students from community colleges and four-year institutions. The first step to joining our dynamic community starts with your transfer admission application to the university. Admission requirements may vary for Arizona residents and out-of-state students, so you may want to contact a transfer specialist to ensure you’re on track.

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During your first semester, on-ground transfer students will meet with an advisor in Armstrong Hall. Home to three advising hubs, the advisors in Armstrong Hall are dedicated to providing you with meaningful plans to meet your academic and career goals. We encourage you to meet with your advisor regularly to make sure you stay on track to meet your goals. Curious who your advisor is? To start, check your MyASU page.

Online transfer students will meet with an SPGS advisor for the duration of their studies.

The school also has resources available throughout the site and on our social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Check your MyASU page to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor by cilcker the academic advising link on the bottom right of the page

Internships and opportunities

There are multiple internship courses that the school offers throughout the year.  The application process for these can be quite long so be sure to keep track of application materials and deadlines.  The SPGS site has a dedicated page for each program where you can learn more information! You can also learn more about internships in general on the Career and Professional Development Services website.

Arizona Legislative Internship Program

The Arizona Legislative and Government Internship Program is a competitive university-wide program that provides an opportunity to intern full-time at a state agency, the Arizona State Legislature, the Governor's Office, or the Arizona Supreme Court during spring semester.  Participants receive a tuition and fee waiver, a stipend of approximately $4,700, and 12 undergraduate or 9 graduate internship credits.

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Political Science Internships (POS 484)

Students are encouraged to seek out and research different internship opportunities on their own. All paperwork and final approval must go through Dr. Woodall before the student begins the internship. If you want to find an internship or job that is just right for you, register with ASU Career Services “Career Link.”

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Capital Scholars Program

Experience Washington DC as an intern while earning 6 upper division credits! Intern at an organization of interest to you such as the White House, Congress, courts, government agencies, etc. While on your trip visit government agencies, attend cultural events and network with professionals from a number of fields.

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Policy Design Studio and Internship Program | McCain Institute

Live and intern in Washington DC for the semester with The McCain Institute for International Leadership.  Study how policy is made in the Policy Design Studio and Internship Program while earning 12 upper division credits.  Weekly seminars are taught by a former U.S. Ambassador.  Intern at an organization that interests you while gaining hands-on experience.

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Global Experience/Internship (SGS 484)

Study abroad, volunteer or intern to gain global experience. In doing so, global studies majors experience in everyday life the global processes about which they learn in the classroom. Students develop critical skills to understand, adapt to, engage in, and contribute to situations that are impacted by global processes.

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Career Services

The career services page on the SPGS website has an array of resources as you plan for life after college.  Some tips include:

Refer to the career prep checklist!  
Conduct informational interviews
Complete internships
Join ASU organizations and clubs
Follow us on Facebook and Twitter where we post internship opportunities
Visit Handshake for job opportunities

SPGS career services page

Study Abroad

The Study Abroad Office at ASU is equipped with all kinds of resources to help you study abroad. As a transfer student who may have as little as two years at ASU, it is important to explore study abroad options as early as possible. You may study abroad for as short as a week or as long as a semester or full academic year. You can even study abroad more than once! Click here to learn more about the three programs run by SPGS faculty members.

The Study Abroad Office and your SPGS advisor can help you:

Explore countries and opportunities

Identify programs right for you (an SPGS-led program or one of many other options)

Help select the right term

Ensure credits will count toward graduation requirements

Secure scholarships and other funding

Academic tips

Here are a few things that we recommend you consider while you get accustomed to ASU.

  • Refine time management skills
  • Find study buddies, even if it is difficult to approach others
  • Read course policies carefully and check the academic calendar
  • Be sure to read the syllabus and don't be afraid to ask questions: really ask questions!!
  • Check your ASU email at least every other day during the semester
  • See your academic advisor at least once a semester
  • Go to office hours at least once each semester
  • If you aren't sure of the answer to a question, ask! Really, ask!!

Key academic support websites: