Since 2009, the School of Politics and Global Studies has run an annual internship photo contest highlighting key words from relevant categories.

Photos are submitted during the spring semester of every year and then voted on during the ASU Open Door event at Coor Hall. Please fill out ASU's photo release form and then submit your photos through the link below:

2024 Photo Submission Form

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Please email School of Politics and Global Studies Marketing and Communications Manager Alexandra Bice at with any questions.

Photo submission categories

A) Culture/place: media, heritage, religion, local, popular participation, identity, populations

B) Economics: business, goods, services, capital, trade, poverty, inequality, negotiation, market

C) Politics and governance: institutions, nationalism, internationalism, law, corruption, democracy, authority, legitimacy, policy, diplomacy

D) Urban systems: building, sustainability, development, boundaries, population movement

E) Environment: climate, biodiversity, pollution, environment degradation, ecological pressures

F) Violence, conflict, and human rights: genocide, terrorism, humanitarian intervention, crisis, atrocity, justice, disaster, colonialism, protest