There are many opportunities to become involved in campus life at Arizona State University. With over 1,000 student organizations, located on each of the four campuses, Arizona State provides an opportunity for each and every student to become involved. Student Organization involvement allows students to maximize their college experience by taking advantage of a wide variety of campus opportunities. Student organization involvement provides the chance to build lifelong friendships, to grow personally, to develop as leader, to engage in community service and much much more. Student organizations are responsible for the vast majority of the programming that occurs at ASU each year including Homecoming, concerts, special events, cultural and social events, community service & civic engagement opportunities, lectures and conferences.

There are thousands of students involved in organizations ranging from an entrepreneurial group to a dance team and more. To find an organization that fits you, visit ASU's SunDevilSync site or to learn how to start your own organization visit the How to Start a New Student Organization page.

If you are already a member of a student organization, visit SunDevilSync to manage all of your organization’s information. Send emails and texts, manage your membership and calendar, store files, fill out campus forms, connect your organization with service opportunities, and track your individual leadership experiences.

For a general search of clubs and organizations, click here.

Examples of clubs SPGS students join