School faculty regularly publish in leading academic journals and presses; they serve on the editorial boards of major journals; they have held internationally and nationally competitive fellowships and grants from institutions such as the National Science Foundation; the Guggenheim, Ford, Rockefeller, and MacArthur Foundations; and the Hoover Institution National Fellows Program. Faculty regularly advise domestic and international agencies, such as the US State Department and the World Bank, and are at the table at major policy events nationally and globally.

Faculty are actively engaged in innovative programs across campus, such as the Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict; the Consortium for Science, Policy and Outcomes; the Borderlands Initiative; the School of Sustainability; the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning; and the Barrett Honors College.

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Working Groups

The School of Politics and Global Studies at ASU is a Knowledge Enterprise that focuses on advancing research.  The School emphasizes research that links theory with real world issues and organized into working groups to advance research and hold conferences in the following fields:

  • Conflict and Human Rights
  • Nationalist and Ethno-religious Dynamics (NERD)
  • Political Economy
  • Political Psychology
  • Women and Politics

Kopf conferences

Here at SPGS we are the fortunate recipient of a gift from Brian Kopf, former J.P. Morgan Chase Bank vice-president and a Political Science alumnus. One use we make of the gift is to host workshops organized by members of the School's research working groups where we invite leading researchers from around the world to visit Tempe and share with our undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty, their ongoing work.

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Other conferences

The School emphasizes research that links theory with real world issues to advance research and hold conferences year round. These conferences invite academics worldwide to discuss various topics such as Role Theory and International Relations, Politics of Race, Immigration and Ethnicity, African Political Economy and more! Typically a conference will include participant’s papers and discussed in an open forum.

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Research Centers

Center for Latina/os and American Politics Research (CLAPR)

The mission of CLAPR is to foster and support thoughtful, objective, and innovative research on the political and policy circumstances of the nation’s Latina/o-Hispanic population, thereby creating a fuller, deeper understanding of politics and governance in the United States.  This mission entails facilitating and disseminating research that emphasizes, but is not limited to, empirical and normative theoretical perspectives, historical context, institutional dimensions, and public policy issues which are especially germane to the Latina/o-Hispanic population while also having broad significance for American society and politics.

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Center on the Future of War

The Center on the Future of War explores the social, political, economic, and cultural implications of the changing nature of war and conflict. The Center connects ASU faculty with policymakers and national media, organizes collaborative research projects, produces reports and publications, and designs and implements innovative educational programming. It was created in the 2014-2015 academic year and links Arizona State University with New America, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank and civic engagement institution. 

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Victor Kramer Lecture Series 

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School workshop

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