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The School of Politics and Global Studies expands beyond what is taught in the classroom.  It takes a team effort to fulfill the School’s fundamental mission of generating and diffusing knowledge that contributes to society’s understanding of politics and governance at local, national and global levels.

The faculty regularly publish in leading academic journals and presses; they’ve held internationally and nationally competitive fellowships and grants; they have regularly advised domestic and international agencies; and advance research while holding conferences in fields such as Conflict and Human Rights, Women and Politics and Nationalist and Ethno-Religious Dynamics.

Not only does the faculty at SPGS encourage students to understand the nation and world from an institutional perspective but they also emphasize research that links theory with real world issues and action through policy.

Working groups

The School of Politics and Global Studies at ASU is a Knowledge Enterprise that focuses on advancing research.  The School emphasizes research that links theory with real world issues and organized into working groups to advance research and hold conferences in the following fields:

  • Conflict and Human Rights
  • Women and Politics
  • Nationalist and Ethno-religious Dynamics (NERD)
  • Political Psychology
Kopf Conference 2015 How does Gender Shape Violene and Coercion

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