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Our Ph.D.s have been accepted to positions at prominent universities all over the world.  Others have gone on to pursue careers in government work or other non-academic positions. We encourage those looking to fill positions to contact our students directly about potential job opportunities.

Alan J. Simmons

Alan J. Simmons a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University. His primary field of focus is International Relations and his secondary field is Comparative Politics. Simmons received his BS in Political Science from Northern Arizona University with a focus on Global Cultures and Diversity and his MA in Political Science from University of Illinois. When he is not working, Simmons enjoy spending time with his wife, daughter, their two dogs, hiking, fishing, playing/watching soccer, and gardening.

Babak RezaeeDaryakenari

Babak RezaeeDaryakenari a PhD candidate in the School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University. He received a Master of Science in Economics from W. P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, a Master of Science in Applied Economics from Sharif University of Technology, and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology. RezaeeDaryakenari’s research broadly focuses on conflict processes. Currently, he studies how dynamics of changes in organizational features of a social movement can cause violent behavior during a political conflict. RezaeeDaryakenari is also working on mechanisms through which climate affects intra-state conflict.

Valery Dzutsati

Valery Dzutsati received his Ph.D. in Political Science from Arizona State University in 2017. His primary focus is on Comparative Politics and a secondary emphasis on International Relations and Quantitative Methods. Dzutsati's dissertation project attempts to explain the variation of violence during secession. His research interests include civil conflict, state-making, collective action, and research methods. Bayesian inference, machine learning, agent-based modeling, survey experiments, and field research are part of Dzutsati's professional toolkit. His regional focus is on the FSU space, Central Europe, and the Balkans. Dzutsati's scientific work has so far been published in Caucasus Survey, Nationalities Papers, Politics and Religion, Post-Soviet Affairs, Social Science Quarterly.

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