The MAGS is an interdisciplinary, professional graduate degree in the School of Politics and Global Studies (SPGS) at Arizona State University (ASU) run with the support of the Center on the Future of War, which is a partnership between ASU and New America, a DC-based think tank.

The MAGS is co-directed by Jeff Kubiak and Daniel Rothenberg.

The MAGS Coordinator is staffed Leah Legg.

The MAGS strategic team which helps guide program growth and development includes the following faculty Peter L. Bergen, David Kilcullen, Jeff Kubiak, Candace Rondeaux, Daniel Rothenberg, Lt. Gen. (ret.) Robert Schmidle, and Peter W. Singer.

The MAGS, and other SPGS graduate programming, is supported by Magda Hinojosa, SPGS School Director, and Thorin Wright, SPGS Director of Graduate Studies.