Welcome to MAGS program

The MA in global security (MAGS) is an interdisciplinary, 30-credit, on-line program that trains students to critically engage global conflict and international security in a comprehensive manner designed to aid professional advancement in military, government and private sector careers. The program involves four key pillars: enabling innovative strategic thinking; developing analytic tools; supporting critical interdisciplinary engagement; and encouraging flexible, resilient approaches to the inherently complex challenges of current and future global security. The curriculum is interdisciplinary and thought-provoking, linking serious ideas with practical case studies.

MAGS builds on the expertise of over 100 top faculty at Arizona State University – one of the largest and most innovative public research institutions in the country – from multiple fields (political science, history, law, public policy, engineering, management, etc.). It also integrates lectures, case studies and materials from a team of former military (general officers, soldiers, special forces, etc.), former government officials, journalists and scholars, many of whom are significant thought-leaders in the field (Pulitzer Prize winners, high-level leaders, best-selling authors, etc.).

Students may take the MAGS from anywhere in the world, proceed at their own pace and study while working. Those who complete the MA in global security degree will gain a unique set of skills, intellectual tools and a strong grounding in foundational ideas that will prepare them to advance their careers in diplomacy, international development, the military, global security, management and related fields. 

Please feel free to contact any of our faculty or staff with questions you may have about the MA in global security.

Jeff Kubiak Daniel Rothenberg Leah Legg
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