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Thomas Just (Tom) serves as Lecturer within the M.A. in Global Security program at Arizona State University. Prior to coming to ASU, Just was the inaugural Postdoctoral Fellow with the Martin-Springer Institue at Northern Arizona University and taught a variety of international affairs courses as a Lecturer at the University of Georgia. His research focuses on the use of legal and public diplomacy strategies to counter extremist ideologies and work toward reconciliation in societies that have endured traumatic events such as genocide. This research earned him the award of Youth Ambassador for Peace and Reconciliation from UNESCO in 2017. Just also has professional experience serving as a Congressional Aide in Washington D.C. and an intern within Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • Ph.D. International Relations, Florida International University (2017)
  • M.P.P. International Relations and Economics, Pepperdine University (2011)
  • B.A. International Studies and German, Baylor University (2009)

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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Just, Thomas (2017). “The Imagery of Political Extremism,” Florida Political Chronicle 25 (1): 158-172.

Just, Thomas (2016). “Promoting Russia Abroad: Russia’s Post-Cold War National Identity and Public Diplomacy,” Journal of International Communication 22(1): 82-95.

Just, Thomas (2015). “Public Diplomacy and Domestic Engagement: The Jewish Revival in Poland,” Place Branding and Public Diplomacy 11(4): 263-275.

Just, Thomas (2015). “Post-Communist Recovery and the State: The Case Studies of Poland and Ukraine,” Florida Political Chronicle 24(1): 41-54.

Just, Thomas (2011). “The Political and Economic Implications of Great Lakes Invasive Species,” Pepperdine University Policy Review 5(1): 5-15.

Research Activity

Book Project

Just, Thomas. “Confronting the Past: Countering Modern Antisemitism in Germany and Poland.” (In Preparation)


Summer 2020
Course Number Course Title
GSC 511 Terrorism and Insurgency
Spring 2020
Course Number Course Title
GSC 506 U.S. Politics of Security
GSC 511 Terrorism and Insurgency