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How do you give back to ASU?

Welcome back to the School of Politics and Global Studies!

As an alum, we are so pleased that you have decided to remain involved in our School community.  As we have welcomed more students into our School community, we have continued to grow and adapt to meet their needs.  Through the support of the University and community we have been able to:

  • Hire additional factulty and staff members
  • Assist students in pursuing their personal and professional development
  • Provide internships, study abroad opportunities, research opportunities, etc.

We believe that the cultivation and education of tomorrow's leaders is one of the most pressing issues facing our society. As a School, we aim to help each student reach their full potential and we ask that you join us in this endeavor by contributing whatever you can to our School. We truly appreciate every contribution and invite you to come to our School and see how your investment today is helping us invest in the leaders of tomorrow.

Support the Capital Scholars Program

Many of the Capital Scholars' D.C. internships are unpaid, and the costs of the program prevent some of the most promising students from participating unless they receive financial assistance.  Making a gift to the ASU Capital Scholars Program is an investment in the future of Arizona and the nation. Your gift is a reflection of your own philanthropic goals and a statement about you interest in developing quality public-policy leaders and promoting civic engagement.

Learn more about how to help!

Support the Capital Scholars Program


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Get Involved!

After graduation, it can be difficult to reconnect with former classmates, professors, and friends. As alumni, we encourage you to stay involved with our School through our Alumni Association. Staying involved provides a way for you to stay in touch with friends and professors, but it also provides current students with real world examples of how much they can do after graduation. Our alumni are such a vital and vibrant part of our School community and we invite all alums to come and visit the School, attend an event, or come in and meet with us.

If you have any questions regarding alumni opportunities with the School, please contact Gisela Grant at gisela.grant@asu.edu.