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Without the continued support of the University and community members such as yourself, we would not be able to continue to grow as a department and serve our students and the community as a whole. We believe that the cultivation and education of tomorrow's leaders is one of the most pressing issues facing our society. As a school, we aim to help each student reach their full potential and we ask that you join us in this endeavor by contributing whatever you can to our school. We truly appreciate every contribution and invite you to come to our school and see how your investment today is helping us invest in the leaders of tomorrow.

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Academics are at the core of the student experience, but a lasting education with both depth and breadth goes beyond the classroom, the library and the laboratory. A university education in its fullest sense takes place in a learning community and environment of creativity; leadership and responsibility; ethics and public service; global curriculum, engagement and travel. Applying the power of philanthropy to enhancing the student experience enriches both today and tomorrow.

To help champion student success, the School of Politics and Global Studies houses various internship programs.  Funding these programs, whether local, national or global, allows a larger and more diverse set of students participate. 


All faculty will work in a rich academic environment, one that equips them to produce the innovative and transformative scholarship that advances knowledge nationally and internationally, while giving students the privilege of learning from the best.

The School of Politics and Global Studies at ASU is a Knowledge Enterprise that focuses on advancing research.  The School emphasizes research that links theory with real world issues and organized into working groups to advance research and hold conferences.  


The questions requiring answers and the challenges being faced by our state, our nation and our world will be met only with new thinking, new technology, new knowledge and new solutions. One of the most powerful ways to reach those goals is to bring students and faculty together in new ways and with new structures and connections—across disciplines, across silos, across traditions.

The School of Politics and Global Studies aims to fuel discovery, creativity and innovation through research, conference and action.  This will vary from undergraduates working on research with faculty as a junior fellow, to graduate students publishing papers on solutions to real world problems, to faculty organizing working groups to advance research on important topics.


Students with the ability and ambition to attend ASU will have the opportunity through scholarship and fellowship support, providing the resources they need to achieve their potential in an academic environment that promotes excellence.

The School of Politics and Global Studies awards over $10,000 worth of scholarships each year to deserving students. Gifts from donors are essential to funding these scholarships and programs for students.


SPGS is one of the largest Schools within The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, serving well over 1,000 students. As we have welcomed more students into our School community, we have continued to grow and adapt to meet their needs. As we continue to expand, we have come to depend more and more on the support of the University and the surrounding community. Through that support, we have been able to hire additional faculty and staff members to help expand our areas of research and expertise both domestically and internationally. We have also been able to assist our students in pursuing their personal and professional development. Our School is now able to provide students not only with a nationally recognized education, but with the opportunity to explore their areas of interest through internships and study abroad opportunities, research opportunities, and access to some of the best faculty and research facilities in the United States. We also provide eligible exceptional students with departmental scholarships so that they can continue to reach their full personal, professional, and academic potential.

Thank you for your continued investment and interest in our School. We hope that you will come to the School and see how we are continually growing and evolving!

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