The School of Politics and Global Studies is pleased to announce the establishment of the Stephen G. Walker Graduate Support Endowment Fund.

This fund is in honor of emeritus professor Stephen G. Walker, who was a faculty member in the Department of Political Science from 1969 until his retirement in 2003. During his time at ASU, Dr. Walker produced numerous PhD students who have since obtained faculty positions around the world. Those former students, and even students primarily advised by other faculty, have contributed to this fund to show appreciation of Professor Walker’s mentorship.

“Steve has made such a profound impact on me personally and professionally. It is great to be able to establish this support fund in the spirit of Dr. Walker’s generosity in mentoring all students,” said Cameron Thies, Professor with the School of Politics and Global Studies at Arizona State University.

Future generations of graduate students will receive support to attend conferences, receive additional professional development and training opportunities, and conduct dissertation fieldwork, among other activities thanks to this fund.

If you wish to show your appreciation of Dr. Stephen Walker or would like to support the development of graduate students, you can contribute to this fund below:

Stephen G. Walker Graduate Support Endowment Fund: Give now

Award Recipients Academic Year
Cagla Demirduzen 2019-20
Weining Ai 2020-21